Her Digital Empire Services

We offer many services for our beauty entrepeneur and graphic design clientele. From audits to one-on-one coaching, the sky is the limit!



Brand Audit

1 on 1 Audit of Your Current Brand

Schedule a face to face zoom call with me where I break down your brand and how to improve your strategy based on your ideal client.

Etsy Shop Audit

recorded audit of your etsy shop

My MOST sought after audit. Get a broken down video where I go over your shop’s issues and why you aren’t making sales.

Graphic Design Biz Audit

1 on 1 audit of your graphic design biz

Want me to take a look at how you are running your graphic design structure or need some feedback on your current work? This is for you!


Group Mentorship

Free Strategy Call

apply to be considered for a free strategy call

If you have hit a point where you are ready to truly grow your business and get it off the ground or in the rut it’s in, apply for a strategy call with Erika


What Our Students Say

Good evening ladies. Just wanted to show you the work I’ve done on my website so far. All I can say is, I have NEVER done a website and I’m so proud of myself. With the help of this University  y’all can understand where I’m coming from. I work 40+ hours a week in security. I barely have time for anything. But, Trust me if it’s your Dream to run your own business you will find time to learn , study and practice. Thank you Erika Belvin for everything.

Ms Wes Covington

Graphic Designer

Without this class I would not have been able to create any of this I’m just so grateful!

Elaine Nelson

Business Owner