Join another episode of Beauty Biz Breakdown on the Her Digital Empire podcast with Erika Belvin and today’s guest, Theresa Marie. Theresa goes over so many amazing gems for ANYONE selling cosmetic products that you absolutely don’t want to miss!


Theresa is a licensed cosmetologist and specializes in natural hair care and hair replacement. 


She has relatable issues such as being a single mom and working as an employee while juggling her business as well.


She enjoys everything about her job and loves anyone who is willing to learn.


This is Theresa’s first live interview! For more information on each question, check out the podcast on YouTube, Spotify or Soundcloud!

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1. How long have you been a licensed Cosmetologist?

I have been licensed for about 15 years, I’ve been working in a salon since I was 12 working with my cousin.


I have always loved it, just seeing how people feel after getting their hair done. It’s like an amazing feeling if this is your passion.


Over the last 15 years it’s been a journey but very rewarding.


Your relationship with your hairdresser is pretty close, clients till a lot of stories and you never know what kind of advice you’ll end up giving them/


2. How are you juggling everything in your life and making it work?

I learned to prioritize and write everything down. Your brain becomes so consumed with what you’re doing, you need to have something to know what needs done.


Especially as a mom, and with the kids needing home-schooled, it’s all about balance.


You have to balance everything out and it’s kinda tough.


Sometimes I only get 2 hours of sleep, and Iwonder how I am still moving.


Sometimes I put too many irons in the fire and I get myself in a corner.


I just tell myself that I got myself here and I have to get myself out.


3. Where did you get the vision for your business?

I have been working on it for years, and after I started getting my own clients and seeing their needs and what they really wanted, or what I would want to see if I was a customer, I just jumped in.


I didn’t know what I wanted in the beginning, and I had to sit down and think about it. 


The vision came after I started.


I worked for a few corporate companies before and I learned a lot there.


My kids were my first clients.


4. What was the turning point when picking your logo and design?

When I was starting out, I spent a lot of money on logos, but nobody would listen to me.


When I found Erika, I was so excited because she listened and got me what I needed and listened to what I wanted.


It was so helpful for her to be so attentive and make sure I was getting what I wanted.


5. What should followers expect from Be Slayed in 2021?

Look for more products, check out my instagram to follow and see those.


I want to open a space where people feel comfortable learning about hair care and how to keep it healthy.


There will be a lot of space for businesses, and we should hire our family that needs jobs and friends that need jobs.


I want people to come and be as they are.


6. Do you have any tips or tricks for anyone listening who might be struggling?

I would say just keep grinding, keep promoting, use social media heavily because everyones at home looking for things to buy.


When you have a business you have to be hungry for it.


You need to put your all into it.


If you have a skill, make it a 5 year plan, and follow that plan.


Just keep going.


Somebody out there needs what you have, somebody needs a logo, or a hair product.


Listen to the podcast to hear more tips!


7. What was happening in your mind when you stopped at the beginning of the year, and what made you want to get back up and keep going?


I took a break for about 2 months, and I started thinking of different things to start and do. 


Why should I start something new when I already have something I started? So I kept working on Be Slayed and pushing into it.


8. What would you say to someone who is new and wants to get started?

Make a 5 year plan, and write down your goals.


If you’re 25, think about what you want done by the time you’re 30.


Take classes, talk with people in the industry, be around like-minded people.


Don’t procrastinate and stay motivated.


Write it down! And keep checking back to make sure you are working toward that goal.


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