her digital empire, Episode 15

Instagram Live Test Run With Erika

Erika Belvin is met with her husband, Jesse Belvin for the first time on an Instagram Live session. It was supposed to be just to test out the process, but turned into a good conversation about blocking out the negative noise, getting organized, and creating good habits.


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I make all of the content for the podcast, and my husband does all of the marketing.


I like to bring him on because some of you don’t have a husband that does all of this for you, so he has helpful info.


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Erika Belvin

Jesse Belvin

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Instagram Live Test Run With Erika

This is our test to make sure IG Live was working well, and we are excited to see how it turns out on the other platforms.

The book I am currently reading is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert -she also wrote Eat, Pray, Love- and she is super successful. 

Something I was reading today made me think about art, if you are doing anything online you are doing art. 

You have to be creative in some aspects.

I believe we are all creative, and who is to tell us whether our art is good or bad. Just because someone thinks your work is bad doesn’t mean you can’t be successful.

When I was growing up I always had a drawing pad or new sketch pencils.

When I was in my 20s I sold prints of my art, and in high school I had an art teacher who told me I suck.

Now I make 6 figures doing art! Who was that teacher to tell me I was bad at art?

I had to trick myself in my head to tell myself I was special, and that’s a hint to me that I was meant to do something.

This goes for everything, you hear a similar story about all sorts of things.

People are going to talk no matter what, and you can’t let that stop you from starting, whether that’s art or business or sports.

Instead of worrying about who’s saying what, just get going.

You need to tell yourself you are the underdog.

Prove everyone wrong, you just need to embrace the underdog role.

I used to care about what everyone thought of me, and I let it take over.

Even though people have stopped me, I never stopped. 

You control your narrative.

You can surprise yourself on what you accomplish, if you just get started.

What habits have you started to be successful in business?

Habits are what caused the success.


Having the discipline to work is what helped.

I would wake up early, put my all into my work, and power through it.

If you stick with something and you don’t stop, you get better.

My work now is much better than when I first started.

I think those habits were more important than just making a quick buck.

If you are trying to grow, you don’t come out day one as a pro.

Something Jesse did was think of someone he looked up to, and one thing they do better than you.

Most of the time, the thing you come up with is an easy fix.

Something that helped in my first year that doesn’t help me now, was my competitive nature.

I knew I had to beat my competitors, I had to make more than my competitors.

Now, as I’m trying to scale, I have a coach and now I need to focus on giving tasks off and let go of that habit.

There’s other habits that are more important to scale.

I think discipline is one of the top things I have.

When I think of my competitors, I dont think I’m better than them.

If you do all the right things and stay consistent, then it will pay off.

I think pain is part of it, like when you are exercising, you need to push hard at the end to do better the next day.

Good Sleep

I am also reading this book called A Miracle Morning, and it says to wake up early and go to bed earlier.

I was doing it then I got the flu but I’m starting up again.

You can get the book on Amazon, the link is in the resources section.

I used to stay up till 3 am working, and be so exhausted.

The book explains how night owls, after they started their miracle morning, had so much more energy.

You decide who you are.

It’s kind of that idea where once you decide who you are, the world shifts to help you get there.

Everything starts with your standards.

If you tell yourself you are not going to be working a job by the end of 2021, then you’ll be up at 3 am making sure that happens.

The opposite is true, if you tell yourself you suck and you won’t be able to do something, then you won’t do it.

If you tell yourself positive things, then good things can happen.

You are so powerful.

I think self confidence is ignoring the negative inner voice.

You can allow the negativity to go on the road trip with you, but your not gonna let it drive the car.

Just shift, and do.

Whatever you are telling yourself you can’t do, the solution is action.

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