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Yeah, I can write too. My blog posts are meant for education when it comes to getting started building your digital empire. Lets see if we can cut the learning curve in half for you!


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Some boss babes prefer owning my courses rather than renting access to them. It’s cool. My course section is filled with options that will get you going. Get in where you fit in!

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If you’re wanting access to free content and trainings, I’ve got you covered with my brand new YouTube channel.


I want to make sure you’re not just learning, but also equipeed with the tools and resources needed to build your digital empire!

Why was Her Digital Empire™ created for you?

Her Digital Empire™ was created with the aspiring female digital solopreneur in mind!  After years of falling on my face, I finally struck oil with digital products.  Little did I know how many other women were trying to do the same thing I was!  Because of this, I created Her Digital Empire™ as a resource hub for you, the freelancer, to help you easily overcome obstacles and get to your destination quicker, easier, and packed with motivation!  We offer training videos, blogs, tutorials, podcasts, courses, memberships, and so much more!

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Stop falling on your face and learn Photoshop from someone just like you!

As an aspiring online entrepreneur with a mission, I had to teach myself Photoshop.  If ONLY I had an affordable hub of courses to teach me the basics, I would have hit six figures so much quicker! This is why I created my monthly and one time courses.  Learn the tricks and tips I taught myself to make clients beautiful flyers, postcards, and marketing materials.  I could never get through a school course myself because of my disconnect with the traditional learning styles of most teachers. With me creating with you, step-by-step, you will not only sharpen your current skills, but pick up some new skills along the way!